This is precisely why we developed the Yoga City Chicago Legging! We wanted to create a style that is adaptable, through any kind of weather and made the way you like them. The Chicago Legging is the most comfortable legging you will own! It is designed to be fitted, yet does not make you feel like you’ve been stuffed into them. All seams have been beautifully finished to reduce chafing and add to the overall quality of the style. These leggings are designed with no outseam for a cleaner appearance. The fold over waistband allows the wearer to choose how high or low she wears them on her waist, making this style extremely versatile.

The soft, comfy fabric used to make the Chicago Legging is a midweight cotton/Spandex. It has been designed to stretch with you, not to stretch out! We love these for layering, on-the-go, activewear,  with a sweater and great boots…pretty much anything works! Wear these with flip-flops, boots or nothing at all!

Our Yoga City Chicago Legging is comfort and style all rolled up in one! Chicago is Our Kind of Town!

The Windy City, the third largest US city, with its diverse, multi-cultural style is a mecca of amazing architecture, beautiful skylines, incredible museums and people passionate about their teams! This fast paced, contemporary metropolis is recognized for its rich history as one of the greatest show cases for Jazz and The Blues. Hard winters have made Chicagoans some of the most helpful and friendly people to know. When times are tough, neighbors help neighbors. Chicago is the city where you get steak cooked to perfection, mouthwatering deep dish pizza and one of a kind hot dogs made your way with all the right fixings!